Monday, January 18, 2010


4 very sad family members
3 minutes of goodbyes
2 tearful meltdowns
1 dead fish named Shiny
This evening we said goodbye to a close friend and faithful pet.
Shiny became a member of our family on January 9th 2010. Although his time in our home was short, the love and laughter that he brought was tremendous. He is survived by his owner, Treven Bassett. Shiny was Treven's first pet. Treven loved Shiny the way only a true friend could love. Shiny was fed morning and night and water cleaned often. Treven was VERY (surprisingly) responsible and took excellent care of him. We know that Shiny is in a better place. Perhaps a place where fish swim free in water clean of pollutants. A place where temperatures are that of perfect for a gold fish. Perhaps in a place where Papa can meet and love him. Thank you Shiny for 10 days of pure bliss. Thank you for showing us what unconditional love is, even if you were only a fish. Rest in peace dear friend. And here's to a life in a better place.


Kerri said...

what the heck, that is the shortest lifespan EVER!!!! only a fruit fly (living for 2 days) would have made a shorter relationship as a pet. Our deepest sympathies go to you and your family!!

Betenson's said...

You are the biggest "HAM" that I know! I know you aren't SAD at all you big faker! :0) Goodbye Shiny!

kristin said...

I heard about this tragedy!! But I have to agree with the above statement cause I know you so well. Or perhaps, I THINK I know you so well:) and I know you love sarcasm. Couldn't help but sense some of that:) However, I know Trev was very sad about it. We had goldfish when Teaghan was a toddler and they died the very next day, so for Shiny to live 15 days, well, that's just short of a miracle. Maybe try those red colored fishes with the long tales? Ya know, the one swanky fish in Shark Tale? I hear they live longer. Seriously!
And I'm sure papa is caring for Shiny. So sweet though!

moosie said...

My heart just melted when Treven called to tell us the news. Your writting put quite the picture in our minds. We love you all and are so sorry about the sad event.
Love, Mom and Dad

Marilyn said...

I feel bad for Treven's experience, but think of all the wonders Shiny brought to you. I don't kow that I've seen a fish on the Rainbow Bridge site, but you might want to look there (privately first) and see if it could help.
Aunt Marilyn

Elisha said...

It is a fish for heaven sakes!!! hehe Sorry trev for your loss. But I don't think dad wants to take care of a fish right now. hehe Maybe you should try a dog next time. I hear they live longer. :)

renee said...

I feel bad for Treven. I remember when I lost my first pet (it was a guinea pig and we put him to sleep-not sure why). I was not happy about the situation. I sure hope your little guy feels better soon!

Ty and Trista Swartzlander said...

You are so dang funny!!!! I am sorry for your family's loss, but seriously you are a crack up. Maybe it is time to bring home Sparkle.

Jennifer said...

Poor Shiney! Good luck with the next one! (maybe Mr. Bubbles?)

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