Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arizona Wolf Spider I prefer to call it the...
"Arizona make you poop your pants when you see it crawling across your floor spider"
What do you think? A much more appropriate name.
This bugger was about 4 inches long and had a grown woman (me) screaming like a maniac!
But by the time Erik got done with him he was swimming in a puddle of 4 inches of Raid!
Sayonara succka!
(oh did I mention that these crawl out of our drains after a monsoon?)
(or that we found one of these spiders hiding in Erik's pants?)
And yes, we do have pest control but apparently they can only do so much!
Please pray for us!!!
Picture courtesy of ME!!! Yep, this is the real deal. After he died of course!


kristin said...

I'm just getting back to the world of blogging and then I see this. That is one bug I would not want to encounter at anytime!!! So not only do you have scorpions and other crazy desert bugs, but you've discovered another creepy africa version. I don't know, it might just take a bottle of valium to to get me to sleep at night, especially after a monsoon when they CRAWL OUT OF YOUR DRAINS. Maybe you should call the head honcho of Warner Bros studios and tell them you have just the spider to make Arachniphobia 2.
Please, I'm begging you, come back to California!

Kerri said...

i just crapped my pants for you!! seriously that is the biggest spider i've EVER seen and we've had some big ones here! UUUUGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no better reason to move back to cali, need help packing?!??! ;)

Familia Fowler said...

What the heck?! WHERE do you live? I haven't seen one of those in the 2+ years I have been here. Shoot, I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Mama Mia said...

no no no noooooo!!! really???? i would be DYING!! i don't know how you killed that thing! you could always transfer schools and move up here to oregon with me! :) we only have tiny spiders...(or so i've seen so far...) love ya!

Elisha said...

hahaha...lived in az for 9 years and have never found one in my yard let alone my pants. you have all the fun. :)

Joyous Crew said...

Ahhh Man That sucher is huge!!! I can't decide which is worse...that or the roaches fron Texas. Wolf spiders are harmles, right!? I sure hope so...if that is the case, I think the 4 inch roaches are gonna have to win this one. DISCUSTING...all of em. I am there with you Colleen, all bugs and reptiles can go right back where they came from. Hope all else is good for you guys ;0)

Melissa said...

um...that is gross!! And in Erik's pants. How gross. Where those in your bedroom and how did he find the spider in there? I hope he wasn't putting them on. I hate spiders. Good luck with that!

Senessa said...

I would have packed it up and moved back to Chico and that's NO LIE!! AAAAHHHHHHH

teaghan said...

oh my gosh! that is huge. scary!!!!!!! -teaghan

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