Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Good Sleeps

One silk pillowcase coming right up!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

...but only a few are needed to explain this one!

Treven, DON'T TOUCH THAT.....

Monday, January 18, 2010


4 very sad family members
3 minutes of goodbyes
2 tearful meltdowns
1 dead fish named Shiny
This evening we said goodbye to a close friend and faithful pet.
Shiny became a member of our family on January 9th 2010. Although his time in our home was short, the love and laughter that he brought was tremendous. He is survived by his owner, Treven Bassett. Shiny was Treven's first pet. Treven loved Shiny the way only a true friend could love. Shiny was fed morning and night and water cleaned often. Treven was VERY (surprisingly) responsible and took excellent care of him. We know that Shiny is in a better place. Perhaps a place where fish swim free in water clean of pollutants. A place where temperatures are that of perfect for a gold fish. Perhaps in a place where Papa can meet and love him. Thank you Shiny for 10 days of pure bliss. Thank you for showing us what unconditional love is, even if you were only a fish. Rest in peace dear friend. And here's to a life in a better place.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here we are...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

Here is my handsome hubby and his "guys". They are playing golf today in honor of finishing the first term of Physical Therapy school! And actually it is quite the accomplishment. There are 5 guys (including Erik) in his class that "have the same set of morals" and so naturally they have become pretty close(the 5th guy has 6 kids so no golfing for him). Did I mention that all these guys are married? Yep, so all the wives have gotten pretty close as well. It is fun!
Anyways, this is their "first tri-annual" golfing trip to celebrate NO MORE FINALS!
(for a couple of months at least)
Good Job Babe! You're our ROCK STAR!!
P.S.-That is our home in the background and we LOVE it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I can't comment too much on this post.
(The tears are already swelling up along my bottom eyelid!)
The picture is pretty self-explanatory.
Treven on his first day of Kindergarten in his ADORABLE uniform.
Such a BIG boy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arizona Wolf Spider I prefer to call it the...
"Arizona make you poop your pants when you see it crawling across your floor spider"
What do you think? A much more appropriate name.
This bugger was about 4 inches long and had a grown woman (me) screaming like a maniac!
But by the time Erik got done with him he was swimming in a puddle of 4 inches of Raid!
Sayonara succka!
(oh did I mention that these crawl out of our drains after a monsoon?)
(or that we found one of these spiders hiding in Erik's pants?)
And yes, we do have pest control but apparently they can only do so much!
Please pray for us!!!
Picture courtesy of ME!!! Yep, this is the real deal. After he died of course!